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File: 2fe1d6ab4ac6a6a⋯.pdf (65.43 KB, the-murder-of-sen.-nancy-s….pdf)

fcee25  No.29[Reply]

The murder of Sen. Nancy Shaefer

fcee25  No.30

More about the murder of former Sen. Nancy Shaefer can be found at https://projectspeak.net/blog

File: 62725283001d294⋯.png (17.84 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1546020164886.png)

32c2cf  No.28[Reply]

File: 5be4799d225663d⋯.png (16.08 KB, 644x110, 322:55, P96QAI.png)

f40bf2  No.27[Reply]

File: 5be4799d225663d⋯.png (16.08 KB, 644x110, 322:55, P96QAI.png)

51f30b  No.26[Reply]

Happy New Year!

•At midnight on the East coast Martial Law can officially go into effect

according to the Executive Order reissued in December of 2017

•Military Tribunals can commence according to the Executive Orders reinforced or issued by President Trump. A heavy focus has been placed on treason and what qualifies as treason, worthy of the death penalty.

•We have confirmed reports that GITMO is prepared to broadcast the trials against the Deep State. I do not believe this will happen as described due to the negative impact it could potentially have on the human psyche.

•Many on Social Media were upset that Congress would still be paid during a Government Shutdown. Hopefully this will reinforce your confidence in the plan.

H.R.2214 – Government Shutdown Accountability and Economic Report Act of 2017 – Introduced in House 04/27/2017

•This bill prohibits Members of Congress from being paid salaries during a pay period in which a government shutdown is in effect after the regularly scheduled general election for federal office held in November 2018.

•For the purpose of this bill, a government shutdown is considered to be in effect if there is a lapse in appropriations for any federal agency or department as a result of a failure to enact a regular appropriations bill or continuing resolution.

•If a government shutdown occurs during the 115th Congress, congressional salaries must be withheld during the shutdown and released to Members of Congress at the end of the Congress, subject to an exception for any day during the 115th Congress which occurs after the date of the regularly scheduled general election for federal office held in November 2018.

•During a government shutdown, the Congressional Budget Office must submit specified reports to Congress regarding the costs and economic effects of the shutdPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 5be4799d225663d⋯.png (16.08 KB, 644x110, 322:55, P96QAI.png)

0551c0  No.25[Reply]

Wells Fargo was negative 42% liquidity in September of 2018

Citibank was negative 392% liquidity in September due in large part to Clinton manipulation starting wars around the world. In addition, the debt to the Master Trust was called in because they refused to credit basic transfers for Humanitarian Projects in the United States and Africa.

MS-13 = Blackwater

Blackwater has conducted a classic infiltration of the banking system so that they can control and redirect deposits intended to fund the people.

Steve Mnuchin is an Asset for the Rothschilds. He answers to them and has openly disobeyed presidential orders to demonstrate his loyalty to them and committed treason against the American people.

The Master Trust has leveled the banking liquidity from negativity to zero. Regardless, they should not be able to operate.

The reason why Steve Mnuchin made a public statement about US Bank liquidity being available when no one was talking about it is because there is NO LIQUIDITY IN THE US BANKS.

The charade continues because Mnuchin has hired lawyers to fight his removal as the Secretary of the US Treasury.

The funding for the wall was given to the Army Corp. of Engineers in April 2018.

Answer these questions and you’ll realize how close the US is to collapse:

What is kiting?

How are the banks able to function if they have no liquidity?

Why hasn’t the FED stepped in to address this issue?

What does that mean for the US Government?

Who’s paying Government salaries?

Why is there no budget for the US Government for 2019?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 5c7fb6d88b848fe⋯.png (21.58 KB, 802x119, 802:119, 96QAI.PNG)

b1a3f3  No.24[Reply]

•The goal is to do more than create awareness. The goal is to force action. 96,000,000 people ready to stand up for freedom in safe, respectful, and nonviolent protest.

•While the world has been undergoing a massive awakening we are here to provide some practical direction.

•The time has passed for us to wait for someone else to save us. Humanity has to come together and decide who they are as a collective.

•This is their biggest fear and our most deadly weapon.

•You already know crimes have been perpetuated against you for your entire life. Now you get to decide. The current system is set to self-destruct. There’s no place to quietly exist to avoid rocking the boat. The boat is sinking and we’re all in it. It’s time to swim.


•The Chinese Elders are just the equivalent of the Chinese branch of the Rothschilds/Dragon Families.

•In 1978 “the Order” commonly known as the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Masons, etc. was head quartered in the United States. They decided to transfer the central authority over to China over the next 40 years.

•This began the demoralization of the American people, shaming them into thinking they were slothful, gluttonous, and uncultured. Villains were created in the Clintons, Bush’s, and others.

•The Chinese Elders not the Government were portrayed as benevolent, timeless, and wise.

•They also conceived of the Global Currency Reset. They conspired to destroy the economies in Africa turning agricultural powerhouses like Ethiopia into barren wastelands scraping for food and donations. They salted the plains of Africa to cause famines, poverty, and civil wars.

•They intended to eliminate 90% of the population through disease, war, and starvation.

•There was a biological weapon that was supposed to be released in SepPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 5be4799d225663d⋯.png (16.08 KB, 644x110, 322:55, 96PROJECTQAI.PNG)

da59b7  No.11[Reply]



•96k patriots that are fearless & incorruptible


•Solutions over problems, •actionable items


•Immediate impact disclosure repeated loud enough that it’s impossible to ignore

•Share details not previously revealed

•Legal actions that the masses can contribute to



•Strong intelligent language

•Legal Action by the people


•Forced response in alignment with the restoration of the Republic and revitalization of the people

•Access to funding designated for Human Empowerment Projects

•Access to resources to build infrastructure in the US

•Laws enforced at all levels


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da59b7  No.12

Attention Patriots:

I have been contacted by a very reliable source at the highest level going by the name of 96QAI. I have been instructed to communicate exact information as it is given to me. The strictest protocols possible will be adhered to.

A minimum of 80,000 people are needed to make a difference and bring down the establishment that oppose our financial independence. This movement will henceforth be called #Project96QAI.

For this first communication I was told to relay the following message:

#Project96QAI addresses real problems and provides real solutions.

First Problem: Banks and Corporations

Solution: The People

First move to look for:

General Kelly is about to release the Atomic knee drop on Mueller and Comey to prevent prosecution for himself.


We are victorious and have already won. The establishment has been defeated. They have no choice but to surrender.

We are Fearless and Incorruptible!

Feel free to copy and paste, and share with as many people as you desire.

This message will be taken down in 72 hours.

Next update 9:36 PM EST


Post last edited at

ca214e  No.13

It’s always about the money, but in this moment it’s about your money. Not the money you have, but the money you've never had.

How do you get it?

Who’s keeping it from you?



Next update 12/29/2018 9:36 AM

Post last edited at

1f2dff  No.18

Should I post my contact information here?

Ready to help!

94e8b9  No.21


8Chan is a completely anonymous board. Please don't post any personal contact information here.

File: 5c7fb6d88b848fe⋯.png (21.58 KB, 802x119, 802:119, 96QAI.PNG)

be9c28  No.17[Reply]

#PROJECT96QAI 12/29/2018

10:45 PM EST

•Mike Pence working with Nancy Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin are desperately trying to overthrow the President.

•Blackwater is bringing in counterfeit super notes using their covert gang MS-13/ Bank employees in an effort to crash the country’s economy and ultimately the world economy in the process.

•Pence, Mnuchin, and Pelosi are all actively committing treason against the American people to purse the ultimate Cabal agenda.

•Their Echelon Syphoning System is imploding as designed to break down and devour itself. If you’re still siding with them, then you are on a sinking ship.

•The current financial system is falling apart and they are trying to continue the charade so they can be in control.

•They continue to try and initiate the RV to accomplish this goal but they repeatedly fail to accomplish this even as the Li family, who is running Wells Fargo continues to threaten and murder their employees who can’t make outdated and useless codes activate the draw down from the back ledger.

•THE RV IS NOT COMING. I’m sorry but it’s true. They would have wiped us all out using it as a weapon for our enslavement and genocide.

•It seems like they'd catch on by now. The Quantum AI System is not just a financial system. It’s a mapping system that literally has an energetic finger on the pulse of everything going on throughout the entire planet, in multiple dimensions, and time lines. It records their mediocre plans and actions and is being used against them. They’re only further incriminating themselves and enhancing our credibility. They’d do better to just beg for mercy vs. trying to overtake Kim and the President.

•We already won, they just don’t know it yet.


Next post: 9:36 PM PST 12/30/2018

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File: 5c7fb6d88b848fe⋯.png (21.58 KB, 802x119, 802:119, 96QAI.PNG)

d2b143  No.15[Reply]


12/29/2018 9:36 PM EST


You’ve got a rat in the White House Patriots, and most of us thought he was on our side.

Mike Pence collaborated moves with Steve Mnuchin to block funds being transferred in for disaster relief.

Mnuchin’s latest move to contact the top US Banks and make announcements about Bank’s liquidity was the last dumb thing he’ll be able to do. The Banks have ZERO liquidity and the country and the world is on the verge of a complete collapse due to this lack of liquidity.

FEMA refused funding from the Master Trust because they were waiting for the Chinese factions of the Dragon Families to come through with funding.

In the mean time it’s a war zone in Florida where Hurricane Michael hit, and no real relief funds have come through even though $105 Billion Dollars was cleared and ready to disburse.

Meanwhile California is being tactically burned to make away for their rights to lay claim on the minerals in that area. And yes, Pence and Mnuchin are LIABLE for every death.

But it’s worse than that. Their agenda including Mnuchin and Pence is to crash the the Global economy and that revolves around the USD being made useless.

This is a plot actively taking place with average tactics right now.

It’s the reason why your Government is closed, the Wall isn't built, infrastructure in the US is like that of a third world country, and project owners can’t get funds to bring out amazing ideas.

You've got a rat.


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File: 5c7fb6d88b848fe⋯.png (21.58 KB, 802x119, 802:119, 96QAI.PNG)

e76d1c  No.14[Reply]

The Federal Reserve has long been the visible controlling face of the International Central Banking Cartels. The subtlety ignored and easily dismissed intel that was already leaked is still the greatest weapon not being utilized by the people due to a lack of understanding about what it is, and their lack of ability to prove its validity.

•We have vetted these facts via the various intelligence agency reports that we have access to:

•The Federal Reserve has had their Charter revoked. This power has always lied in an authority above the American Government. It required “Blue Sky Clearance.” Regardless of what random money making controlled intel puppets are reporting, that is a fact.

•This legally disables the Federal Reserve to print currency for the United States.

•This also denies them any power as the banking regulation authority to adjust interest rates.

•The Main Stream Media and controlled Government assets have not embraced this reality enough to overtake their illusionary control. Thus the public display is not real, so much as a beast slowly dying in the arena.

•The Federal Reserve has always been owned by a Sovereign entity labeled in the Intelligence Mapping systems, the World Financial Systems, and the real Quantum System, as the “Unknown Country.” Prior to 2012 the Unknown Country had always had an evil dictator that owned the ONLY sovereign title on the planet. But there’s a new head of the “Unknown Country” and SHE is for the people, working directly with the People’s Champion you call President Trump.

•What is the “Unknown Country?”

•How does that help the people?


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